Solawood Work

Sola wood is a naturally obtained material. It is Tapioca peel, treated for craft purpose with which variety of things can be made. It is available in the shops where craft materials are sold. Here we are making a flower basket, a very attractive piece of art.

Organdi Flowers

A fine, thin cotton fabric usually having a durable crisp finish, white, dyed, or printed: used for blouses, dresses, curtains, trimmings, etc.

Glass Painting

Glass painting is one such unique painting which is laid down on the back of the glass, and painted from the reverse.

Organdi Roses

Organdi cloth is available in different colors and shades in market. This is one of the best materials used for making artificial flowers.

Materials required:

Organdy cloth of various colours



Thick wires

Green tape

Cut the organdy cloth in petal shapes and leaf shapes. Take a small round piece of the cloth and place a bit of cotton inside it. Close it from all sides and tie with thread. Tie this to the wire and start placing the petals one by one and tighten it with thread. Place petals in circular motion to get natural look. Keep as many petals as you want. Fold the outer side of the petal slightly towards inside to give a folded petal look. Similarly tie the leafs also and cover the wire with green tape. Make a bunch and place it on your flower vase.

Designed by Sheetal